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The signs to look for in moles including visuals
Four tips to protecting the skin in the sun
Info on keeping track of skin changes with the Miiskin App

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Doctor Amanda Oakley
Dr Amanda Oakley
Founder of DermnetNZ and Consultant Dermatologist
at Waikato District Health Board, NZ

It’s important to stay vigilant to changes in skin lesions. People should regularly examine their skin to become familiar with their usual moles, freckles, and other spots.

It’s very useful to use photographs to keep a record of the skin’s appearance and this is facilitated by mobile apps. Changes to moles, such as changing shape or colour, growing in size, crusting, itching, bleeding, or the appearance of new moles or scaly spots, could be a warning sign of skin cancer. If in doubt, see your doctor.

Prof. Chris Bunker
Prof. Chris Bunker
Former president of the British Association of Dermatologists and currently Hon. Secretary of the British Skin Foundation and Consultant Dermatologist at University College London Hospital, United Kingdom

Personal vigilance is important in monitoring the skin for new and changing moles. Many Dermatologists including myself have long advocated the use of photographic records for ongoing monitoring. This has become easier and cheaper with the widespread use of cameras and Apps (such as Miiskin) on personal phones, tablets and computers. New and changing moles, such as changing shape, size and colour and any crusting, itching or bleeding, are what to watch out for and report to your doctor.

Dr Anton Alexandroff
Consultant Dermatologist & British Skin Foundation Spokesperson

The Miiskin app is a great way to encourage people to monitor their own skin regularly, to help track any changes which could be worrying.

If any changes are noticed, the user can then visit their dermatologist for a medical assessment.

Gregor Jemec, MD, DMSc
Professor, University of Copenhagen

Malignant Melanoma cases are still on the rise. Most often, the best person to notice any changes in your skin is you. Everything that can help make people attentive to new moles and changes in old moles is therefore welcome.

Miiskin’s apps are a help in monitoring moles and seem to be both useful and sensible.

The apps allow the user to systematically follow any brown spot in a simple and straightforward manner. The next logical step would be to give physicians access to the images to provide the important new dimension of “evolution over time” to the medical decision.

It is very positive and inspires confidence that Miiskin’s apps do not try to assess whether any given spot could be malignant or not – but leave physicians to do the assessments based on a complete assessment of the spot as well as the patient.

Mikkel Wammen
Specialist in General Medicine and Family Doctor

As a family doctor, I joined this project in passion, since I have been lacking a tool like this for years. In my practice, I see many people with skin concerns, people with a high risk of developing melanoma (like white males age 50+) or people that have been through a melanoma treatment. They have often been told to keep an eye on their moles without getting further instructions on how. Miiskin is a perfect tool to keep an eye on your irregular moles or moles that you have been told to watch.

It is now also officially recommended to use photos to monitor concerning moles by – One of the largest evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resources in the world.

Questions or Feedback?

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You can also check out our Q&A section for healthcare professionals below.

Q&A for Health Professionals

Who is Miiskin for?
Miiskin is designed for patients who need to keep a closer eye on their moles and any new lesions developing on their skin. It’s a helping hand for the patient’s at home skin self-exams.

The app does not replace a visit to the doctor, but can be used in a typical follow-up scenario. The app is recommended for patients who need to perform regular skin self-exams after or in-between medical consultations.

What does the app do?
A video in the app guides the patient to perform a full-body skin self-exam with or without the help of a partner.

The app allows the patient to take close-up photographs of individual lesions and wide area photos of their skin, for example of their back. The app prompts the patient to open up the app at a later time and take follow-up photographs. The patient can compare new photos to the baseline photos to see if there have been any changes.

The patient can select whether to take photos monthly, every second month, every third month or every sixth month. The app will send the patient a push notification on their phone when it’s time for the next skin self-exam.

You can view screenshots of the app here.

At this time, the app does not facilitate the transfer of the patient’s photos to be used in a clinical setting.

Can Miiskin help to educate my patients?
Besides the video guide for a full-body skin self-exam in the app, there are educational articles on skin cancer and checking your skin in the app. The Miiskin Website ( contains longer educational articles for general education and awareness.

You can view the articles here.

You can also request free leaflets to hand out to your patients. Simply email a delivery address to [email protected].
How much does the Miiskin app cost?
There is both a free version and a premium version of the app. You can read more about the pricing here.

Would it be helpful to get a discounted price on Premium for your patients?

Send an email to [email protected] to get a clinic discount code to hand out to your patients together with the leaflet.
How do my patients get started using the app?
The Miiskin app is available for iPhone and Android. The patient should simply download the app to their phone in Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iPhone). The app will guide the patient through the process.

To find the app simply advise them to visit or search in the App Store or Google Play for “miiskin”.

If you want to provide a discount for your patients let us know and we can explain how this works – Send an email to [email protected] to hear more.
Can I request more leaflets for my clinic?
Sure. Send an email to [email protected] and let us know how many you would like.