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The Miiskin App FAQs for Patients

How does the Miiskin app work?

The Miiskin app allows you to take photos of your skin and moles and to later compare them to spot any changes such as a changing mole or a new mole or mark on your skin.

Can anyone with a smartphone use the Miiskin app?

Yes – The Miiskin app is available for both iPhone (iOS 10+) and Android (Android 5.0+).

Does Miiskin offer any diagnoses or assessments of my skin?

No, it is not possible to diagnose for skin cancer using a smartphone. To get a diagnosis or an assessment of something on your skin its best to see a doctor or specialist in person. Read more about smartphones and skin cancer here.

Can I show the photos to my doctor?

The photos you take with the Miiskin app are yours and you can therefore use them in any way you wish. But at this time we can’t make any explicit recommendation that the photos taken with the Miiskin app should be used in a clinical setting. We recommend following your doctor’s directions regarding any moles or marks on your skin and how to use the Miiskin app.

Has the Miiskin app been checked by doctors?

Yes. The Miiskin app is dermatologically endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance and frequently recommended by dermatologists and other skin cancer professionals. A critical motivation for recommending the Miiskin app is that it is clear that the app does not replace a medical check.

What are the key things to consider when using an app like Miiskin?

You can read our guide here.

The Miiskin App FAQs for Healthcare Professionals

How can my patients benefit from the Miiskin app?

The app is recommended for patients who need to keep track of their skin and are advised to perform regular skin self-exams at home – after or in-between medical consultations.

The app also includes educational materials for general education and skin cancer awareness and a video guide on How to perform a skin self-exam.

The Miiskin website provides longer, in-depth educational articles about skin cancer.

How can I use Miiskin to service my patients better?

We offer free educational leaflets and special discounts for healthcare professionals and clinics. Learn more here:

The Miiskin Premium FAQs

What do I get with Miiskin Premium?

Please visit this page for an overview of everything included in Miiskin Premium.

Is there a free version of Miiskin?

Yes. Miiskin Basic allows you to keep track of 3 existing moles and marks with side-by-side comparison with manual transfer between phones.

Can I try Miiskin Premium for free?

Yes – absolutely. Miiskin Premium comes as a subscription, but a 30 day free trial is automatically added if you sign up for the annual subscription. If you do not wish to continue with a paid subscription, simply cancel before the free trial ends (24 hours before on iPhone). Subscription plans can always be changed and cancelled at any time. Of course, if you love it, no action is needed. Just let the free trial roll into the paid subscription.

How does the free trial work?

With the yearly plan you get a 30-day free trial, which allows you to explore all the functionality of the app before you pay anything. You are under no obligation to continue after the 30 days and will not be charged anything if you cancel within the free trial period.

When will I be charged?

With the annual plan you will only be charged if you continue on the subscription after the free trial period. With the monthly plan, you will be charged when you start the subscription.

How can I cancel my Miiskin Premium subscription?

All subscriptions should be cancelled where you purchased it.
Please note that uninstalling the app or closing your account will not automatically stop your subscription – you have to actively cancel the subscription.

Depending on the payment method you’ve used, there are different ways of cancelling your subscription:

1) App Store (iPhone): Your subscription can only be cancelled on your iTunes account by following these instructions:

NOTE: We can’t cancel your iTunes subscription for Miiskin as Apple does not give us access to your payment data. If you don’t have access to your iTunes account, you’ll have to contact Apple Support.

Please make sure to log into the correct iTunes account. If you can’t see the cancel button in iTunes that either means you don’t have an active auto-renewing subscription (it might already have been cancelled), or you’re not logged into the correct iTunes account.

2) Google Play (Android): Log into your Google Play account and follow these instructions:

NOTE: Please make sure to log into the correct Google account. If you can’t see the cancel button in Google that either means you don’t have an active auto-renewing subscription (it might already have been cancelled), or you’re not logged into the correct Google account.

3) Credit card on (Web): Please log in with the email you used when you purchased the Miiskin Premium subscription by clicking here.

No matter which way you signed up for Miiskin Premium, you are always welcome to contact Miiskin Support on [email protected] for help managing your subscription and account.

Can I switch between a yearly and a monthly subscription?

It isn’t possible to switch between yearly and monthly plans, but you can subscribe to a different plan as soon as your current subscription is up.

Does the subscription auto-renew?

The subscriptions are auto-renewed after each year or month, depending on the subscription you have chosen.

How can I delete my Miiskin account?

Please contact us at [email protected] with your registered email address. We will then take care of the deletion of the account for you.

*Note: Uninstalling the app will NOT automatically stop your subscription — you have to cancel the subscription separately on the payment platform chosen. Uninstalling the app will NOT delete the account you have registered.

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