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Dermatologically endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance

Dermatologically endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance

jon friis founder miiskin

One couple’s problem – Shared by many

Miiskin was founded by Jon, who needed a better way to track the moles on his partner Rikke’s back. Jon was told by the doctor that current best practice was using pen and paper. He couldn’t help thinking that photos of the moles could simplify and improve this process.

200,000 downloads and hundreds of positive messages from happy users show that this is a concern many are looking to solve.

You can read Jon’s full story here.

skin cancer awareness around the globe

Global Challenge

Worldwide 232,000 people get diagnosed with melanoma each year. Skin cancers cause 1 mio. GP visits annually in Australia alone and in the U.S. one person dies of melanoma every single hour.

examine your skin

Best Practice

Doctors recommend people to examine their skin and moles for changes. Chances of survival – of the otherwise deadly skin cancer Melanoma – is 98% if it is caught early.

track changes in your skin

Tracking Changes

People are generally bad at remembering changes or something new on the skin. Photos are useful to visually keep track of any changes.

How it works

Pinpoint your moles

check your moles with app

Take photos with Miiskin

track changes in skin with app

Compare photos over time

compare mole images over time

Get reminders to follow up

mole check alert

Collaborate With Miiskin

Collaborating with Miiskin may yield new business opportunities.
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Clinical Partners

cadogan clinic medical centre
aleris hamlet private hospital in denmark
Centennial Medical Care
klinika zdybski

Charity Partners

Cancer Association of South Africa

Miiskin and the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) are working together to create awareness in the South African population about checking you skin and moles for changes. Miiskin further supports CANSA with a portion of our premium subscriptions to help fund CANSA’s fight against cancer in South Africa.

british skin foundation

The British Skin Foundation is the UK’s only charity dedicated to funding research into all skin diseases, including skin cancer. Miiskin is proud to support the work of the British Skin Foundation by fundraising for the charity and helping to raise awareness of the importance of keeping an eye on your skin to spot any changes. You can read more here

canadian skin cancer foundation

Miiskin supports the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation to help the foundation in its work of preventing and eradicating skin cancer through education, awareness, advocacy and research. The Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation recommends self examinations at least monthly, using the ABCDEs of early detection to help determine if a doctor should be consulted.

 skin health alliance

The Skin Health Alliance awards professional dermatological accreditation to products and services around the world. This helps consumers feel confident in their choices by reassuring them that products and services have been independently verified as skin safe. Miiskin is the first app to receive a dermatological accreditation from the trusted organisation. Read the full press release here.



Hudkræ ( ) is a non-profit skin cancer awareness website started thanks to cooperation between dermatologists and patients in Denmark. The website has been translated by dermatologists to 13 languages.

ministry of foreign affairs of denmark’s trade councils

Miiskin is proud to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark’s Trade Councils. The Trade Councils help us connect with local partners around the world.

Supported by

innovation fund denmark

Miiskin is supported by the Innovation Fund Denmark through the Innobooster programme.

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