The app you can trust

Miiskin is dermatologically endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance.

Importantly, the Miiskin app does not try to diagnose you based on your photos. It’s simply your own tool to document changes to your skin when performing your regular skin check.

Check out our skin cancer knowledge base to learn more about skin cancer. You can also read through these articles with melanoma pictures and skin cancer pictures, normal moles images and photos of atypical moles, but remember to see your doctor with any concern and it is also a good idea to discuss using Miiskin with your doctor.

The tools you need


  • Keep track of 3 existing moles and marks
  • Side-by-side comparison in the app
  • Set reminders so you don’t forget to follow up

PREMIUM (Free Trial)

  • Keep track of unlimited number of existing moles and marks
  • Photos are securely back up and separated from your phone's gallery.
  • Keep an eye out for new moles with wide area photos
  • Side-by-side comparison on tablets and computers with Web Compare
  • Automatic Skin Mapping to highlight moles and marks
  • Transfer photos when you get a new phone
  • Protect your photos with a 4-digit PIN

Skin Mapping: Watch out for new moles and marks

Miiskin Premium also lets you keep track of wide areas of your skin.

Access your photos on any large screen anywhere with Web Compare.

Miiskin's Skin Mapping (beta), accessed in Web Compare, automatically identifies the moles and marks on your skin that it can find.

Keep an eye out for any new moles or spots - not least on the hard-to-see back.

Read about Skin Mapping

Mole mapping with miiskin