Skin Mapping: Keeping an eye on your skin

guide on skin mapping

Miiskin’s Skin Mapping is an automatic identification of moles and other marks on the skin using app-based total body photography and artificial intelligence.

It is a promising new solution to make it easier to identify new moles, freckles or any other marks on the skin.

It has the potential to help the millions of people who perform regular skin self-examinations to spot any changes in their skin that might be of concern.

Skin mapping is related to mole mapping. Mole mapping traditionally focuses on tracking individual moles and marks on the skin for changes over time with high-resolution imagery.

Miiskin’s skin mapping helps you monitor if any new moles and other marks have appeared on the skin by using total body photography. Skin mapping is useful in conjunction with mole mapping to spot new moles and keep of track of any changes in existing moles.

Read on to learn why it’s important to look out for new marks in the skin.

Watching out for new moles and other marks

guide on skin mapping

Skin cancer cases are on the rise. If you have had high exposure to the sun, have used UV tanning beds, or have a light skin complexion you have increased risk of developing skin cancer.

For all skin cancer types, early detection is vital for the best treatment outcomes. Many people try to pay close attention to the existing moles and other marks on their skin and understand the importance of visiting their doctor if they notice anything worrying.

However, scientific research has revealed that over 70% of melanomas start out as new marks on the skin rather than as changes to existing moles.

Skin Mapping and Total Body Photography to identify new moles and other marks on the skin over time

skin mapping

It can be difficult to keep track of all your moles and marks – especially if you have a high number of moles. Some people may use a pen and paper to create a total body map of their moles but often they find it a time consuming and a difficult process to follow over time.

Miiskin’s Skin Mapping, together with Total Body Photography, empowers you to keep track of skin changes in the comfort of your own home.

Try Skin Mapping with the Miiskin App

skin mapping with miiskin app

Skin Mapping lets you photograph the four largest areas of your skin. The computer then identifies and highlights moles and marks in the photos. Subsequent photos can then be compared side by side with your moles and marks highlighted for visual support. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of these large skin areas. The back is a particularly tricky but important area to keep track of.

The Skin Mapping solution is currently available for photographs of the back and will soon be launched for the other three large areas of the skin as well.

Miiskin’s Skin Mapping solution is still developing, so if you start using it now, you will be able to have a say in how it should be improved and progressed in the future.

Monitor your moles for changes with Miiskin Premium

  • Monitor your moles for changes using close-up photos.
  • Monitor for any new spots on your skin as whole.
  • Photos are securely back up and separated from your phone's gallery.
  • Examine your photo series side by side on a big screen.

You can try Miiskin Premium 30 days for free. Don't worry, if you cancel within the trial period you won't be charged.

"Miiskin has given me peace of mind that I will be able to see any small changes I may have missed otherwise."

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