Notice Changes in Your Skin? Here’s What It Means

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How Our Skin Changes With Age

No two people are the same. This also goes for your skin and how it evolves over time.

From the birthmarks you have since birth to moles that show up in your teenage years and early adulthood, changes on the skin are normal in the early years of a person’s life.

A Change in Mole Appearance – What Does It Mean?

If a mole suddenly starts changing in a way that fits in with the ABCDE or ugly duckling criteria, or if something new on your skin seems to pop up overnight, you should get it checked.

From about the age of 25, it becomes less likely to develop new common moles. Few people develop new common moles after the age of 35. By then it is a good idea to make a habit of doing regular skin checks looking for changes to your skin.

Is a Changing Mole Always a Sign of Skin Cancer?

Notice a suspicious change in your skin, a changing mole or something new that looks strange? Don’t be alarmed. It is probably not melanoma or skin cancer. There are quite a few “melanoma wannabees” out there, but to be sure ask your GP or dermatologist to examine any suspicious moles or other unusual changes to your skin.

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