Get someone to help you

They can see the parts of your body that you can’t.

Check your own skin

You need a full-size mirror and a handheld mirror to see the back of your body.

Video Walkthrough

Got someone helping you?

Hand them the Miiskin app to take photos of some of your moles.

Then you can see the moles yourself and track them over time.

This home check can complement any check-ups you may have with your healthcare provider

Help your friends get started checking their skin.

First, give your face and scalp a good look.

For a better look, use a blowdryer or comb to remove any hair. Use the mirrors to see your backside.

Next, check both sides of your hands and forearms before moving up to your elbows and upper arms.

Now check your neck, chest and torso.

Ladies – Don’t forget the underside of your breasts.

With assistance from your helper or your mirrors, please have a look at your back, buttocks and back of your legs.

Next bit is done sitting down.

Please check the rest of your legs and your genitals. Lastly, check your feet including your soles.

You’re now finished checking your skin.

Lead by example and tell your friends that you have done this!

Checking your skin is recommended by many cancer associations around the world.

Please note, if you are not comfortable performing this check at home, do contact your doctor.

This page is for informational purposes only and does not substitute a visit to the doctor or your doctor’s directions.